About Us

The Gannon & Gannon Language School was founded by Dennis and Petia Gannon in 2006, with the goal of providing a better understanding and a higher level of proficiency of the English language through professional teaching and training. With the rapid changes that the global community is making, the role of languages becomes increasingly important both on a national and international scale.

For Bulgaria and the other states of Eastern and Southern Europe, English language education is an important tool for integration within the larger European community. Communicative and student-centered methodology can make the educational process more effective, and enjoyable.
We believe that learning and mastering the English language is an important part of the educational system. We also strongly believe that mastering the English language doesn’t just mean reading and filling in pre-set exercises, but by being able to understand and communicate in both oral and written form.

By teaching in an easily understood manner we can help others learn to appreciate the different cultures. Language education and teacher training are essential building blocks for improving the educational standards. The Gannon & Gannon Language School strives to help provide these building blocks to everyone.

Another important goal of our school is to increase self-awareness and culture of the many countries that use the English language for either social or commercial communication. We are working towards these goals through private funded courses for teachers and language learners in order not to pass the expense to the government.